•Rentals – We offer hourly rentals at your location.


We prefer to think of it as a question of size, strength and comfort. We have 2 different ball sizes currently. The smaller Knockerball® is suited for players about 4’6” and up to about 5’6”.  The large Knockerball® takes players from 5’7” to about 6’6”. There are exceptions and limitations to these guidelines.

Large players should not use the smaller Knockerballs® since their heads might become exposed which is very dangerous.

Smaller players can use the larger Knockerballs® for a roomier fit at the expense of speed and agility.

As for our larger players, keep in mind that some big pro-athletes play in Knockerballs® without any issues. We are almost positive you will find the right fit!


This is not so much a matter of age as it is a matter of strength and comfort. (Kids 10+ with team sport experience may also be admitted.)

With that said, we don’t recommend highly organized games for younger age groups. We’ve found that the younger they are the more they prefer to just free-roll, do flips and somersaults, roll each other around and play freely. This is what we call Free Play. Some adults and most kids have a short attention span and would rather not be hindered by rules or objectives.

Although adults may turn into children when playing Bulldawgball we haven’t found many age ceilings. And please…no crybabies.


It is possible to play Bubble soccer but after coordinating many kid’s rentals to date, we’ve found that soccer games will naturally unravel into Free-Play and other easier games. Parents, please keep in mind that kids will be kids! Our job is to keep them safe and manageable while they play as they please. Sometimes stopping the kids to explain a game objective takes away from all the fun they are having. We will defer to what the birthday girl/boy wants to play and will be happy to coordinate it, otherwise we defer to what the kids want to do as a whole.

Free Play is great for switching kids in and out so no one has to wait for long. It’s an opportunity to teach them how to share and encourage cooperative behavior. It’s also easier to see their faces during Free Play so it’s a chance to snap some great pictures. They can take breaks, get water and roll around at their leisure without waiting for a whistle!


We provide the delivery and full setup/break-down of Bulldawgballz and all necessary equipment to the location of your choosing.

All packages come with:

•Knockerballs. (Full setup/break-down including all the necessary equipment.)

•Coordinator(s) to conduct event and also take care of time-keeping.


•Soccer ball

We coordinate a safe, fun and professional event leaving no footprint behind.


•Indoor facilities or maintained athletic fields are always preferred but not necessary.

•You can play on your own property or feel free to locate a field of your choosing.

•Common areas or public parks/areas are an option. The stipulation is that we don’t prevent another group from using the common grounds while we are also using them. Please ask your booking agent for more info.


We play on grass, turf or hardwood (basketball court) surfaces. No asphalt, concrete or tennis court surfaces.


Typically 70’ X 45’ is a comfortable space for 10 Bulldawgballz to play. For reference a high school basketball court is 84’ X 50’. A full sized soccer/football field is great but definitely not necessary. An ample backyard is often sufficient.


Use this guide to take the guess work out of deciding where to play.

Temp: The temperature sweet-spot is between 50 °- 85 °F. This considers not only your  comfort but also the Bulldawgballz performance.

-Too cold and the balls become brittle and stiff. They also can become cloudy and difficult to see out of. Not recommended.

-Too hot and they become uncomfortable, trapping heat. They are still usable but it depends on your level of comfort.

Weather: Is it raining outside or the weather is calling for it? Lets move indoors. Don’t have your Bulldawgball event ruined due to rain or lightening. Sometimes in the rainy season, grass may not drain properly and the field will be soft and muddy. For safety concerns, we do not recommend this. Always watch the weather the days leading up to an event so that we can make adjustments at least 48 hours prior in case of inclement weather.

Comfort & Peace of Mind:  While some may have a field or backyard with access to power, air conditioning and refreshments, all of us don’t! Indoor turfs offer AC, restrooms and the peace of mind   that a covered surface provides. That means no rain-dates, no humidity and no pesky gnats or flies at your party. Also many of these locations offer food and beverages.

That’s not to say we can’t have an awesome event outside! We can provide generator service (for a small fee), so power isn’t an issue. If permitted, feel free to bring coolers with your favorite beverages, food and snacks. Whip out the radio, a slip and slide, lawn chairs, umbrellas, grandma…you name it, we’ve seen it! (Please make sure you are permitted to bring any of the afore mentioned belongings, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items, securing permits, nor do we issue them.

Appropriate Surfaces: Grass, turf or hardwood (basketball court), rubberized or padded surfaces. If you aren’t clear, give us a call. No asphalt, concrete or tennis court surfaces. The field must be flat, dry and safe. One would be amazed to find out how many people are careless and drop glass, metals and other dangerous items on these fields. For your safety and ours, please inspect the field prior to agreeing to use it.

When using outdoor locations please keep in mind:

•We need ample space and a dry, clean field.

•No rocks, puddles, debris, trees, brush.

•No nearby fences, furniture, cars.

•If applicable. Please have all necessary permits for the field, generators, food & drink, etc. Please know your County’s or venue’s laws and regulations before the event.

We reserve the right to inspect the surface or request pictures prior to the event. We will NOT  play on a field that has unsafe or damaging conditions.  In the very rare case that we arrive and were not properly informed of dangerous conditions, we will try to resolve the matter immediately. If the circumstances prevent us from quickly rectifying the issue, we may deem the event a forfeit and a partial refund may be issued. Please be honest with yourself and us, we can always find a place to play instead of hurting players or sacrificing a few of our Bulldawgballz.

To recap…



•Comfort & Peace of Mind

•Appropriate Surface

If you have any doubts or questions, please just give us a ring!


We will require a regular power outlet (120v) at the location. It takes about 20 minutes to inflate 10 Bulldawgballs  with a clear area to setup. The closer to the playing area, the better. If outdoors, simply checking with the grounds to locate a power source prior to our arrival will help us have a smooth event! Generator are available if needed. Please make sure that your field or venue permits the use of gas or electric powered generators. We are not responsible for venues disallowing their use the day of the rental.


Most of the time Yes. If the rental takes place on private property or there is no one using the field before or after us, then the answer is a big YES!

If we are playing at a field or venue with other rentals such as soccer practice or a birthday party booked before or after us, we must be courteous to the other parties and be on/off the field at the appropriate times.

Example: If your booking starts at 2pm, we may not be able to enter the field to setup until exactly 2pm. Also, keep and mind that if your booking ends at say 3pm and there is someone else booked at 3, we must be off the field at 3pm. To work around this it helps to check if there is anyone renting the field before or after you. Some people elect to rent an extra hour or so to put some time before and after their rental as “padding” to allow for a leisurely entrance and exit. Setup times may vary depending on how many Bulldawgballz we need to setup but as an example, 10 Bulldawgballz  takes approximately 20 mins to setup.

We will always do our best to expedite things and give our clients the most play time possible. We will never purposefully charge for setup/breakdown times.


We will go over rules and safety at the beginning of the rental. This can be expedited by printing our Code of Conduct and Waiver, reading and signing prior to the rental commencement.


We are insured with a $2M General Liability. Rest assured that you are covered in case of accident. We also use waivers for extra liability coverage.


During the games we can snap pictures for you to post on social media or to keep. Just give us your camera and we can snap away! Please don’t be shy about posting them to our Facebook page or sending the good ones for us to put up on the website! We will also be taking pictures to post on our Facebook page and our website gallery. This may require a publicity wavier. We are not interested nor ever will be in selling pictures to anyone for any amount of money… ever.


For a rental under 40 kilometers there is no travel fee. Anything over 40 kilometers is charged a nominal travel fee.


Browse through our packages. Decide where you want to play and get your group together. When you are ready, there are a few simple answers that help us organize your event. Feel free to copy the section below and answer in BOLD in an email.

1 Date & Time?

2 Do you have a venue with power? Location?

3 How many Adults/Kids?

Once you provide us the details we will put together a package recommendation. When you are ready, we will forward you a simple yet detailed invoice along with instructions for the booking process. That’s it!

Feel free to browse our Website or Facebook page for more info. Our booking process is practical and personalized. Give us a ring or even text us when you’re ready!

If you have any questions, changes or special requests, please don’t hesitate to call, email or even text us.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please know that we are available any time.

-The Bulldawgball Team

​Safety always comes first:  players must always be strapped in properly,  play at their own risk and follow player guidelines in order to reduce the risk of injury.

•players under 5 feet must have adult supervision at all times

•only Bulldawg  another player while both are standing and never attempt vertical aerial dives or  jumping over top of another player as this may result in serious injury